Over Sea, Under Stone Questions and Answers
by Susan Cooper

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Where in the book "Over Sea, Under Stone" is there a fall into an abyss that the character then finds his way out of?

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In the final chapter, Simon and Barney crawl into a cave they have discovered at low tide.  The cave is actually a tunnel, reaching up to the hole they discovered at the cliffhead.  While Jane holds onto the rope to signal the incoming tide, Simon and Barney enter the cave and crawl up, reaching a point where only Barney can continue.  He reaches a room where he finds the grail, as well as a second manuscript sealed in a container.  When Barney and Simon return, they are chase by Mr. Hastings.  They rescue the grail, but lose the manuscript.  Sealed in a lead container, it will remain hidden there.

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when they go in the cave thing