Where in the Book of Revelation are the two great meals mentioned?

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The most prominent and well-known mention of eating in the Book of Revelation is found in Chapter 19, which describes the “marriage supper of the Lamb.” The writer (who identifies himself as John) describes a scene in which he hears the sounds of a “great multitude.” He compares the sound to rushing water or thunder, and hears the voices praising God and celebrating the marriage of the Lamb and his Bride. John is instructed by an angel to write

Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.

In typical Christian metaphors, the Lamb is Christ and the Bride is the Church. In this passage, the Lamb dresses his Bride in fine, clean clothing, possibly representing Christ purifying the Church. In this celebration, Christ and the Church are united in heavenly glory, with the joy of this event compared to a great wedding reception.

There are other mentions of eating in Revelation, though none as prominent as the marriage supper. In chapter 2, John addresses the church in Ephesus, referencing the events of the early chapters of Genesis. John praises the Ephesians, but condemns them for having “forsaken the love they had at first.” He instructs them to hear the words of the Spirit, and promises that those who are victorious will eat from the Tree of Life, which was withheld from humanity in Genesis.

In chapter 10, John witnesses an angel holding a scroll. A voice from heaven commands John to take the scroll from the angel, and the angel instructs him to eat it. When John does this, he notes that the scroll tastes as sweet as honey in his mouth, but immediately becomes bitter in his stomach. A possible interpretation of these events is that the act of receiving the words of the scroll (through ingesting it) was a good experience, but that when the contents were fully digested and understood, they made John fearful of what was to come.

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