Where in The Crucible does it show Abigail powerless? I know in the beginning of the book it shows that Abigail has a reputation of being a good girl, I just dont know where that quote is. PLEASE HELP! 

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To answer your question about the quote, it is found in Act One of The Crucible. It can be found in the converstation between Abigail and John Proctor of Act One. 

ABIGAIL: She’s only gone silly, somehow. She’ll come out of it.
PROCTOR: So she flies, eh? Where are her wings?
ABIGIAL: (With a nervous laugh.) Oh, John, sure you’re not believin’ she flies!
PROCTOR: The road past my house is a pilgrimage to Salem all morning. The town’s mumbling witchcraft.
ABIGAIL: Oh, posh!—We were dancin’ in the woods last night, and my uncle leaped in on us. She took fright, is all.
PROCTOR: (His smile widens. Crossing to door.) Dancin’ by moonlight! (Abigail springs into his path.) You’ll be clapped in the stocks before you’re twenty.
ABIGAIL: (Barring his way at door.) Give me a word, John. A soft word.
PROCTOR: I come to see what mischief your uncle’s brewin’ now. Put it out of mind, Abby.
ABIGAIL: John—I am waitin’ for you every night.
PROCTOR: Abby, you’ll put it out of mind....

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