Humboldt's Gift by Saul Bellow

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Where in Humboldt's Gift can I find some good examples of how Charlie's narration really pulls us along with his emotions or really connects us to the book? All I need are page numbers really!

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As a real fan of this novel, I feel there are many points where the narrative rises to an emotional and intellectual pitch that is difficult not to connect with. In my reading, this is a novel about modern conflicts of and in the individual.

In particular, Humbolt's Gift explores the thematic idea that mankind, as "the individual" needs to be saved, redeemed, and re-instilled with meaning. Charlie is an intellectual who acts on the assumption - compulsively - that his intellect will provide the means for his own salvation. Yet, it is Renata, not his considerable and penetrative intellectual abilities, that offers the most real opportunity for claiming a stable and satisfying meaning to...

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