Black Beauty Questions and Answers
by Anna Sewell

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Where was Black Beauty born and raised in Black Beauty by Anna Sewell?

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Black Beauty is born and grows up in the English countryside.

Beauty remembers first a pleasant meadow in which he lives with his mother. He has many a happy day, frolicking in this meadow and being well-treated by the master. His mother teaches "Darkie," as he is called by the master, to not bite or kick, telling him of the proud line from which he has come. His mother tells him of his grandmother, who had a very sweet temperament, and his father, who had a great name, as well as his grandfather, who won the "cup" at the Newmarket races on two occasions.

As "Darkie" grows to adulthood, Squire Gordon comes to look at him and seems to like the young stallion. He tells the master that when the horse is trained, he will be interested in purchasing him. "Darkie" learns to pull a carriage by going in double harness with his mother, whose example he follows. She instructs him to behave well in order to be treated well.

Then, in early May a man comes from Squire Gordon's and takes "Darkie" to Birtwick Park, which is outside the village of Birtwick. He lives with the Gordons, who rename him Beauty, for a number of years. Later on, Mrs. Gordon's health becomes endangered and she must move to a warmer climate. Beauty and the other horses are sold. He and Ginger are sold as a pair to pull a carriage and go to Earlshall Park.

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