Where does Before I Fall take place?

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Lauren Oliver’s novel Before I Fall details the tragic death of Samantha Kingston, who is killed in a car accident. In this first-person narrative, Samantha is forced to relive her death for seven consecutive days. For the most part, the novel takes place in Ridgeview, CT where Samantha and her friends attend Thomas Jefferson High School. Through a series of flashbacks, Samantha takes the reader to the homes of her friends and family, as well as to the accident scene where she dies.

Another perspective about the setting of this novel is that it takes place in Samantha’s memory. Through the course of the novel, Samantha experiences anger, disbelief, and denial about the details surrounding her death.

In closing, the setting of this book is the Thomas Jefferson High School, Ridgeview CT. This first-person narrative takes place in the protagonist’s memory, and the emotions she experienced in different settings forms the outline for this work.

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Before I Fall is a young adult novel written by Lauren Oliver that was first published in 2010. It was later made into a film in 2017. The novel is set is a small town in Connecticut, although the film was actually shot in British Columbia. The story is set in 2008.

Sam, the young protagonist of the story, and her group of friends are from relatively prosperous families. They attend Thomas Jefferson High School. The main settings of the novel are the school, homes of various characters and their families (especially the home of Kent McFuller and Sam's home), and, crucially, the street on which the fatal car crash occurs. Although only discussed in retrospect, the summer camp which Lindsay and Juliet attended is an important part of the backstory.

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