Are there any quotes in To Kill a Mockingbird about Boo Radley being an individual person and not caring about what others think?

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In chapter 5 Scout is speaking with Miss Maudie and they begin discussing  Arthur Radley.  Scout is peppering Miss Maudie with questions about  "Boo" and Miss Maudie states, "Arthur Radley just stays in the house that's all. Wouldn't you stay in the house if your didn't want to come out?"  Later in the same chapter Atticus catches the children trying to throw a note up to the Radley's front door.  He tells Jem, "What Mr. Radley does is his own business.  If he wanted to come out, he would.  If he wanted to stay inside his own house he had the right to stay inside free from the attentions of inquisitive children..."

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The only quote I can think of off the top of my head is Jem's quote at the end of chapter 23. After seeing the horrible hypocrisy of the town of Maycomb, Jem muses that maybe Boo *wants* to stay inside his house. If that is the case, it's clearly shows that Boo doesn't care what the rest of the town thinks about him. He probably know what people say about him (the rumors about his past, the gossip about what he's become), and he'd rather stay inside than go out in the world and deal with it. He lets them talk and keeps himself away from it because it's harmful.

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I don't think you are going to find any quotes along this line, because Boo is portrayed as someone vulnerable to society's critical eye, not as someone indifferent to what others think. 

Atticus tells his children to "stop torturing" the poor man with their silly games;this implies that Boos suffers from others' ridicule. Later he speaks of Boo's "shy ways" and how he could not endure being in the spotlight, even as a hero. Boo is an authentic hermit and home-boy, not a ruggest individualist out to prove anything.