Where is an example of distrust in Lord of the Flies?

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Trust is an important issue in Lord of the Flies because the marooned boys must rely on each other to survive on the otherwise uninhabited island. Unfortunately, trust is quite fragile and quickly begins to fray. It is interesting, however, that William Golding never uses the word “trust” in the entire novel.

The boys begin to doubt each other when the first small boy comes forward asking what the big boys will do about the “beast thing.” Because not everyone believes it is real, the children begin to disagree. The young’uns start to mistrust the older boys’ leadership abilities for not being able to eliminate it or even develop a strategy for doing so.

Piggy is first to lose trust. Having been bullied back home, he can readily identify the incipient behavior. Even Ralph is capable of mistreating him, he decides. He decries Ralph and the others for not listening to him:

“If I say anything," cried Piggy, with bitter realism, "you say shut up.”

As the disagreements about basic...

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