Where does Act II Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet take place?

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The first scene of Act II finds Romeo in the Capulet family orchard. He has climbed over the wall, leaving his friends Benvolio and Mercutio behind, and he hides from them to get them to leave him alone. They call to him, hoping to leave the area soon, both because it is dangerous for them to be there and because they are tired and want to go home. Mercutio attempts to bring Romeo out of hiding by referring to Rosaline. He does not realize what the audience knows--Romeo has entered the orchard to seek his new love, Juliet. He says at the beginning of the scene that he cannot return home, because his heart is now there, with Juliet. This scene paves the way for one of Shakespeare's most moving moments--the meeting between the two doomed young lovers on Juliet's balcony. It helps to set in motion a series of events that leads to their marriage and their deaths.

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