When is your motion accelerated? (Recall that acceleration is the change in velocity over time.) For what distance does the accelerated motion last? In what direction do you accelerate?

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The motion is accelerated when an external force is applied on the object, in direction of motion. This force will generate an acceleration equal to the ratio of force to mass of the object (a = F/m). The most common example of such acceleration is when an object is falling downwards or when we go down a slope. In both the cases, the object ia acted upon by force of gravity of earth, which pulls an object downwards. An object will accelerate as it is falling downwards, whether vertically or on a downward slope. This acceleration will continue till the velocity of the object reaches terminal velocity (in case of object falling vertically downwards). The distance for which this accelerated motion may potentially last can be calculated by using the equation of motion:

v^2 =  u^2 + 2gh

Where, v is terminal velocity.

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