When you create your own country will you provide limits on government power? Why or why not? What limits would you build into your government structure?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If I were creating my own country, I would put limits on the power of the government. There have been too many instances where people living under the rule of a government without limits on its power have suffered. When the thirteen colonies existed, the colonists felt their needs weren’t being heard, in part because they didn’t have representatives in Parliament. We have seen situations where unchecked power has led to disastrous consequences. During World War II, the Jewish people of Germany were nearly destroyed by Hitler and his government’s unchecked power. We were fighting countries in World War II, namely Germany, Japan, and Italy, where the leaders could do whatever they wanted.

Throughout history, people have been persecuted by governments that have had unlimited power. Many people came to the North American continent to escape religious and political persecution. The people of the Soviet Union had very few freedoms because the government controlled just about everything. The same is true in North Korea and China today. Unlimited government power tends to lead to unfavorable outcomes for those individuals that are not in power.

I would use a system similar to the one we have in place in the United States. By using a system of separation of powers and checks and balances, this would keep the government from becoming too powerful. With the separation of powers, no branch of government would become too strong. Each branch would depend on the other branches to get things accomplished. With a system of checks and balances, the branches are able to control each other to prevent any branch from grabbing too much power. The ability to remove officials from office is an excellent example of a way to limit the power of the government.

I would also have a system in place where the people elect their leaders. By making the government officials accountable to the people, the people can be the ones who ultimately determine who is running the country. Our system has worked very well for over 200 years. We have many freedoms, and the power of the government is limited. I would model my country and its government structure on the system we have in the United States.