I am writing an essay based on the themes of Skellig. When writing the middle and supporting sentences of a body paragraph, how do you start them?

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I always teach my students the following way of remembering how to write the middle paragraphs of an essay: point, proof and then deduction. You have to make your point, which basically is what you want to say, then offer some form of proof from the text to support that point, which is normally a quote, and then finally you comment upon that quote and what specifically it shows, analysing it and linking it back to the point.

Let us have a look at an example so you can see what I am talking about.

The power of love to heal and restore is a key theme in the novel Skellig. Consider how Michael asks the doctor about how love can cure, towards the end of the novel, and the doctor's response:

"Love is the child that breathes our breath/Love is the child that scatters death."

Although this is another allusion to Blake, it also is relevant to the novel, as it is the love of Michael and Mina that cures Skellig, and this healing love is passed on to Michael's baby sister.

Hopefully you can see how this uses the point, proof and deduction layout that I explained at the beginning of this answer. If you use this scheme, it will ensure that your essays are properly supported and contain good quotes.

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