What are some suggestions for how to write an analysis of two academic areas where personal growth has occurred?

Expert Answers
Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to this question depends largely on what kind of analysis you intend to do and how much you are required to write. It seems to me that perhaps a comparison/contrast between the two academic areas might be simplest and most clear. The following two options will probably get you started, anyway. 

One option is to write all of one subject and then all of the other, writing in the same organizational pattern for both subjects. Let us assume you want to talk about the goals, obstacles, and successes you experienced in the first subject you write about; makes these three points the same for the second academic area. In other words, talk about each of your experiences in the same format so your readers will be able to follow you easily. Write all of one academic area then all of the other, but write the second with the same organization and structure as the first. In this model, the Roman numeral points are minimal (just the two academic areas) while all the points of comparison/contrast become your supporting points. 

Another option is to choose two to four (depending on the length requirement) specific points of comparison/contrast and then discuss each academic subject underneath them. For example (and using the same three points as I gave you above), if you want to talk about overcoming obstacles, discuss each academic area in that light. In this model, it is the points of comparison which will become the Roman numeral points in your outline, while the examples and evidence from each academic area will be supporting points. 

Since personal growth has occurred in both areas, the points of comparison are likely to be more pronounced than the contrasts; if not, emphasize the contrasts more than the comparisons. The key to a successful analysis essay of this kind is organization; be sure your readers do not get confused and can clearly follow whatever pattern you set. Happy writing!