When working in a store (Target, Walmart etc) if a customer needs help what should you do? How would you approch it?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you are working in a store like this and a customer comes up to you and asks you for help, the first thing to do is to make sure to have a friendly and helpful attitude.  Customers do not typically like stores where the employees do not seem eager to help.  If you make them feel like they are a bother, they will not want to return to your store.

The next thing to do is to find out exactly what the customer wants.  Be sure to let them explain what they want completely.  Do not just figure that you understand them after a few words.  Ask them questions if you are not sure what they want.  If they are asking for a particular kind of merchandise, show it to them and be sure to stay with them until you are sure that was what they wanted.

Once you have determined what the customer wants, you need to figure out if you can provide it.  If you can, do so.  If you cannot, you have two choices.  If the thing they want is not in the store, you need to tell them so.  If they want something that you can’t do for them (let’s say they want to return something and that is not your job), direct them to someone (like your manager) who can help them.

In these ways, you can take care of most customer needs.

pranav2008 | Student

When customer approaches for help first I wouls smile and greet him. Then I will ask him the question "How can I help you?" or "Can I assist you in finding the product which you are looking for". Next I will carfully guide the customer and explain him about the product details and ask him very pateintly about any other help the customer needs.

I will also use my customer handling skills which I learned in the course to make the customer satisfied with the customer. 

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