When will the Twilight-saga movie Eclipse be released in theaters?

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jlwilliams1975 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

New Moon--November 20, 2009!!!

According to imdb.com, Eclipse is scheduled for release June 30, 2010.  That's a much shorter span than between Twilight and New Moon.  Let's hope they're right.  The site does say the movie is still in production--which could change the date.

zumba96 | Student

Eclipse was released in theaters on June 24, 2010. There were huge lines for the movies and a lot of teenagers attended on opening night and for quite a while. 

udonbutterfly | Student

If I remember correctly Eclipse was released in theaters June 24 or 25 in 2010. The lines just to watch the movie were so long and even on the off days and odd hours the movie theater was crowded with people yelling and screaming at the screen especially when Jacob took of his shirt. The movie brought in about $60 million on the weekend opening alone that's pretty cool.

laurenalexandra17 | Student

It was originally scheduled to be released June 30th 2010. But there has been alot of debate and some people are talking about it being released in July. xx

zetanugirl | Student

There's a shorter span between release dates because the production company did not have to wait to see if New Moon will be successful enough to warrant a third movie.  The movies were filmed back-to-back like the Harry Potter films are now.  Since movie goers have shown that sequels are lucrative (although not always as well written), any book with a sequel or series is being turned into a film.  Cirque du Freak is an example of this.

zetanugirl | Student

June 30, 2010 is the current release date.  Since it is in the middle of June with the other traditional "blockbusters" it is highly unlikely the producers will push-back the release date.  Anticipation of this film is running high and is estimated to make a lot of money.

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