History Of Islam

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Islam was founded in the 7th century AD.  It was founded in what is now Saudi Arabia.  The religion was founded through the efforts of a man named Muhammad who lived from 570 AD to 632.  He is not seen by Muslims as a god or anything like that -- he is just seen as the last prophet through whom God talked to the world.

Islam was founded when (according to Muslim beliefs) God spoke to Muhammad through the archangel Gabriel.  God gave to Muhammad the Muslim scriptures (he didn't hand them to Muhammad -- he told him what to write).  From that time on, Muhammad started to preach the word of God to the people around him.  That is when Islam began.

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Islam religion was founded by Prophet Muhammad (about 570 A.D.- ) who was born in Mecca in A.D. 600's. He began to preach his his ideas to people of Mecca around 610 A.D. Initially encountered lot of opposition, particularly the rich and powerful, but slowly his following began to grow. Still there was strong opposition to his activities and his follower, and in 622 A.D. he was forced to flee to Medina along with his supporters.

Prophet Muhammad already had some supporters in Medina, and he continued his activities for spreading Islam fro there. By 630 A.D. he had gained enough strength to return to Mecca as a victor. People of Mecca then accepted Him as a prophet and became his followers. From Mecca and Medina Islam Quickly spread towards Middle East. Prophet Muhammad died in 632 A.D. but with the efforts of his followers Islam continued to spread.