When and where was the author's early boyhood spent in chapter one of the book Night?

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The book Night by Elie Wiesel begins in 1941 in the Hungarian ruled town of Sighet, Translyvania, an area that is now Romania. In the first chapter, the narrator, Eliezer Wiesel, wants to study the cabbala which a form of Judaism. Although his father is against it, Eliezer decides that he will study under Moche the Beadle at the Hasidic synagogue. White Eliezer is studying with him; Moshe is taken to the German concentration camps but is able to return to Sighet bearing the horrible message of what is occurring in those camps. No one believes him, and the next two years pass normally before German soldiers arrive in Sighet in 1944. The Jews are rounded up and moved to two ghettos where once again life goes on with a semblance of normality. The next move takes Eliezer and his family to another ghetto home before they are held in the temple. The next day, in the final scene of chapter one, they are forced to board cattle cars on a train; the whistle blows as the train moves out.