When and where does the beast get mentioned the first time?

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In chapter 5, Ralph calls a meeting because he sees their civilization disintegrating and chaos beginning to take over.  There it comes out that, while things started out OK for them, people started getting frightened.  He wants to get the boys, especially the young ones, to realize that there is no beast as they think there is.  The little boys think there are beasts that live in the water and that the vines and creepers are like snakes - living, breathing, and dangerous. Ironically, Jack says that there is no beast in the forest and Piggy supports those words by saying he realizes there is no beast with claws and all, but he also understands that the beast the little boys refer to is real in another sense.  This is where the beast gets its first mention as a beast. In the next chapter, Simon realizes that the beast is human.  Chapter 8 is where Simon converses with the Lord of the Flies, which represents the beast that is actually the savagery inside each person.

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