Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary Questions and Answers
by Walter Dean Myers

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When and where did Malcolm X say to a crowd of New Yorkers, "You have been bamboozled"? The answer may not be in the book. Please also search key word/phases in his speeches.   Thank-you Ruthie Ann  

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Apparently, Malcolm X (born Malcolm Little, 1925-1965), the African-American Muslim civil rights activist, never actually uttered the word "bamboozled" in any of his speeches. This is one of those urban legends that has been magnified by Spike Lee in his movie, Malcolm X; and more recently by President Barack Obama in a speech in South Carolina where he warned the audience that 

"You've been hoodwinked, bamboozled..."

Malcolm X did use the word "hoodwinked" in one of his speeches, according to an article in the Pittsburgh Courier in its December 22, 1956 issue. In part, Malcolm X's quote stated that he was

"... buried here in the rubbish of the West in the thickest darkness of sin and ignorance (hoodwinked by the false teachings of the Slavemaster)--am able to stand upright today..."

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