When and where does Crispin: Cross of Lead by Avi take place?

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Crispin: Cross of Lead, written by Avi, is set in England during the year 1377. One might refer to this as the Medieval Period or Middle Ages, which was characterized by the prevalence of the feudal system and a break in the traditions and innovation of Latin scholarship. The feudal system plays a big part in the setting for Crispin, as the protagonist grows up in a peasant village which serves a manor house. When Crispin (also called "Asta's Son") is falsely accused of theft by the steward of the manor house, he flees the village to seek safety from the penalty of death. As a work of historical fiction, Crispin is richly woven into the time period and place in which it is set. Crispin's experiences do not merely take place against the backdrop of Medieval England, they take place because of the societal structure that was common at that time.

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