When were times when Elizibeth changed her first impression of Darcy in the novel Pride and Prejudice.   

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In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth changes her first impression of Darcy. At first, Elizabeth is not impressed with Darcy. She thinks he is a pompous, prideful man who has no personality. Later in the novel, Elizabeth changes her negative, first impression to a more favorable impression. After Elizabeth learns of Darcy's aiding Elizabeth's sister Lydia into a marriage with Wickham, Elizabeth is touched by Darcy's help. Lydia has disgraced the family by running away with Wickham. When Darcy provides the finances for Lydia and Wickham to get married, Elizabeth is forever grateful to Darcy. Darcy saved the family name for Elizabeth. Elizabeth now has a different impression of Darcy.

This is again demonstrated when Elizabeth confesses to Darcy how grateful she is for his unexplained kindness to her sister, Lydia. His reply, that he did this for her happiness alone, and that her family owes him nothing, shows his true respect and love for her.

Also, Elizabeth learns that Darcy corrects Bingley's idea that Jane was indifferent to Bingley. When Darcy informs Bingley to the fact that Jane did indeed care for him, Bingley decides to ask Jane to marry him. This creates much happiness for Jane. In turn, Elizabeth is delighted to see her sister so happy. No doubt, Elizabeth has a change of heart in reference to Darcy.    

Clearly, Elizabeth has fallen in love with Darcy. She is willing and ready to accept his second proposal of marriage. Elizabeth has seen that Darcy was willing to make great sacrifices of his pride to help make the situation better for Elizabeth and her family. He helps Wickham and Lydia, even though he had every right to scorn Wickham.


Truly, Elizabeth has realized Darcy's love for her. Elizabeth will definitely accept Darcy's second proposal of marriage.

The beautiful moment with the second proposal is a masterpiece of sentiment and refined taste. It is by far one of the most poignant moments in the novel.

Elizabeth has a new attitude toward Darcy. She has learned that he is genuine and cares for her deeply. She returns the sentiments and  marries Mr. Darcy. 

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