When were newspapers first published?  

lit24 | Student

In 1605 Johann Carolus published "Relation aller Furnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien" in Strasbourg. This is often recognised as the first newspaper of the modern era.

However, the earliest attempt at collecting and publishing the daily news dates back to 59 B.C. when Julius Caesar appointed reporters known as "actuarii" to gather information on the important events and publish them as "Acta Diurna."

In 1621 the newspaper "Corante" is published in London.

In 1631 the French newspaper "The Gazette" is founded.

In 1690 the first American newspaper "Publick Occurences" is published.

krishna-agrawala | Student

There are some conflicting views on the first newspapers to be published. The confusion is partly also due to understanding of what is a news paper. I am giving below my understanding of what is a newspaper, followed by a few claimants of the earliest newspapers published.

Newspapers are publications primarily concerned with presenting and commenting on news. The newspapers currently are generally published daily. Some newspapers are also published weekly. However, there is no strict rule regarding frequency of publication. Only criteria is that publication is frequent enough so that the news covered is not too old.

Details of some of the earliest newspapers is given below.

  • 59 BC: Acta Diurna (Daily Events), a handwritten news-sheet pasted in public places in Rome.
  • 700 AD: Dipao (Ti-pao) was the first printed newspaper in the form of circular published in China.
  • 1400's AD: Newsletters or news books often called courants, occurents or intelligncers published in Europe. These contained business news and other events of interest to merchants and bankers.
  • 1500's AD:New-sheets such as Notize Scritte (writtten notices) were posted in public places in Venice. People had to pay a coin called gazzeta for permission to read this.
  • 1600's AD: Seventeenth century witnesses appearance of newspapers in many different countries. The first one of these was a news-sheet called Avisa Relation oder Zeitung published weekly in Strasbourg.The first real newspaper is considered by many to be Frankfurter founded in 1615 in Frankfurt. Newspaper from some other countries are Den Danske Mercurius in Denmark, the Weekly News in England, the Gazzette de France in France, Gazeta de Mexico in Mexico, the Courants in the Netherlands, the Gazeta in Spain, and Ordinaire Post-Tidende in Sweden. Leipziger Zeitung was founded in Germany in 1660 as a weekly, but soon made into a daily publication. This is believed by many to be the first real daily newspaper in the world.