In "The Rules of the Game" what did Waverley mean when she said this quote?"My mother imparted her daily truths so she could help my older brothers and me rise above our circumstances."

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let us remember the context of this powerful story. The tale concerns a migrant family who have come from China to live in the States. As such, they have to conquer and master a number of different challenges, tasks and skills, learning English being just one of the many. Therefore, for the children of the migrants, they are being brought up in a country which is not strictly their home - they do not look "American" and they come from a very different cultural background compared to their peers at school. Not starting out with the same advantages as others would mean a greater challenge to stand out from the crowd and do well. Thus this quote indicates the role of the mother in helping them to "rise above" their circumstances, and not let them be a hindrance. Waverley's mother wants her children to be a success and to do well, and so she pours her energies into making this happen. The rest of the story shows how she does this with Waverley and her ability to play chess very well.

janjoun | Student

in Waverly's opinion and what she tries to show us is that poor has no particular definition. You're only as poor as you believe you are. But if you truly believe that you have all you need in life to make you happy like Waverly and the other young children of Chinatown feel, then you are not poor. You're simply happy.while her mother seems to care for that and cares for her family member in such away that she want them to rise from their circumstances

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