When was the story "Thank You, M'am" by Langston Hughes written?  

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Langston Hughes's moving short story "Thank You Ma'am" was written and published in 1958, which was a time period in America when black citizens were segregated from white citizens. While Langston Hughes does not specifically state the exact time period and location of the short story, the reader can deduce that it takes place sometime during the 1950s in a northern city. Roger's affinity for blue suede shoes alludes to Elvis Presley's famous song, and it is unlikely that Mrs. Jones would be able to secure a job working at a beauty parlor in the south.

In the story, a young teenage boy named Roger attempts to steal Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones's purse. As Roger reaches for the purse, he stumbles, and Mrs. Jones grabs him. Mrs. Jones then proceeds to drag him to her home, where she makes him a warm dinner and treats him kindly. Instead of calling the police or lecturing the boy, Mrs. Jones encourages Roger not to steal and gives him ten dollars to buy his blue suede shoes.

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“Thank you, M’am” was written in 1958.  The story is about a teenage boy named Roger who tries to steal the purse of a very tough lady named Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones.  She does not let him steal her purse, but instead of calling the police she takes him home.

Mrs. Jones wants to talk to Roger.  She tells him that she was young once, and understands what he is going through.  She feels sorry for him because he has no one at home.  When he tried to steal her purse it was late at night, and he hadn’t eaten and his face was dirty.

Roger considers leaving, but doesn’t.  He stays and listens to Mrs. Jones.  He even asks her if she needs anything.  She tells him that if he wanted money, all he had to do was ask.  The money was for blue suede shoes.  Roger wants to thank her as he is leaving, and knows he will never see her again.

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