When was Romeo Montague born?

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Alas, poor questioner.  I know it not.  

Shakespeare does not inform his readers or audience of a year for Romeo's birth.  In fact, a reader never actually knows exactly how old Romeo is.  We are told that Juliet is 13 in act 1 scene 2.  Capulet is speaking to Paris and says "She hath not seen the change of fourteen years," meaning that Juliet has not yet turned 14.  

There is speculation all over the place about Romeo's age.  Some readers put him at the same age as Juliet.  Most readers think he is older than Juliet by a few years.  So Romeo is likely 15 or 16 years old.  

The only other information that I can give you about his birth date is that it is not during the time period that Shakespeare wrote the play.  The date of publication is 1597, but the play takes place during the early Renaissance.  That would put Romeo being born sometime around the 14th century. 

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