When was "The Prince" first translated to English?

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The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli, first appeared in 1513. The original title of the work, written in Latin, was De Principatibus. It was not until 1532 that the first actual publication was released.

The main reasoning behind the text was to show the importance of the means by which royalty went to in order to survive. This included the general acceptance of anything the noble did, even when considered immoral.

The first translation of The Prince, from its original Latin to English, appeared in 1640. The text was translated by E.D. London and printed by R. Bishop.

The first original edition, in Latin, arrived in England in 1540. It was brought to England by Thomas Cromwell.

The very rare first edition sold for $16,000 by Bauman Rare Books for $16,000.

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