When was it legal for mixed races to Marry in the United States?Legal Regulation of Miscegenation, what that just for black and white marriages? or all Race marriages?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In June 12, 1967, the Supreme Court made the ruling that interracial marriages are legal (Loving v.Virginia).  This ruling did include all races.  Prior to this ruling the individual states in America had made their own rulings.  These often included laws forbidding the marrying of Caucasians with Native American or Asian people as well as African. A curious case occurred on January of 1922, when an African American named Jim Rollins was convicted based upon the Miscegenation Law of Alabama.  Rollins took his case to the Appeal Court, stating that the woman was Sicilian, and, therefore, not white.  The judge ruled that since the woman was Sicilian, it could not be proven that she was not of some African descent and threw out the case.

Certainly, during World War II, it was strictly forbidden for American soldiers to marry any Asian woman.  This rule is illustrated in a movie The Teahouse of the August Moon with Marlon Brando and Red Buttons, who portrays a soldier who kills himself with his Asian wife because they cannot return to the States.