When was Great Expectations published?

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Dickens began writing Great Expectations in October of 1860, and published its first two chapters that December in All the Year Round, which was his own literary circular in England. It was easier to sell serialized works to the working class because they were cheaper, and the sales of All the Year Round were dwindling after A Tale of Two Cities (which was also serialized). Great Expectations remained in All the Year Round until August of 1861 and caused sales to exceed those of the London Times. Additionally, it was being published in Harper’s Weekly in the United States at about the same time, with illustrations by John McLenan. Dickens wrote two endings for Great Expectations — an original, which was published after his death in The Life of Dickens by John Forster, and an alternative, audience-friendly ending, which was published in All the Year Round and Harper’s Weekly. Chapman and Hill Publishers picked up Great Expectations and published it in three volumes, which were so popular that it quickly achieved four printings.

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Great Expectations by Charles Dickens was first published in nine monthly installments in the Dickens owned periodical "All the Year Round." The first installment was published in December 1860 and the final installment was published in August 1861. The advantage of publishing his work like this was that he could start his work as late as October 1860 and continue writing while he was getting feedback from the people that mattered, the general public. For example, he changed his ending when he realized readers were looking forward to something more positive than Estelle leaving Pip forever. Today, however, readers can read both versions.

Chapman and Hall were the first to publish Great Expectations as a book in 1861, soon after the release of the final installment. They first published the novel in three volumes.

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Great Expectations was published in 1860.

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