When Was The First Newspaper Published?

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The earliest known efforts at publishing a newspaper (a periodically issued publication intended to convey information on current events) was the Roman Acta Diurna (The Daily Events), started around 59 B.C. This was a daily handwritten news report posted in a specified public place under the orders of Emperor Julius Caesar (100–44 B.C.). Around A.D. 700 the Chinese developed the world's first printed newspaper, called the Dibao, which was produced with hand-carved wooden blocks. Around 1450 German inventor Johannes Gutenberg (c. 1397–1468) introduced the movable-type printing press, which spurred the development of the modern newspaper. By the 1600s several newspapers were in circulation in Germany. The rotary press (a huge, automated roll-fed press that could print on sheets of any size) was invented in the 1800s and made wider circulation possible throughout the world. This invention allowed newspapers to become a common and widely available means of communication.

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