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The first movie was shown on March 22, 1895, in Paris, France, when the Société d'Encouragement à l'Industrie Nationale (National Society for the Promotion of Industry) gathered to watch a film depicting factory workers leaving for the dinner hour. It was invented by brothers Louis Lumière (1864–1948) and Auguste Lumière (1862–1954) when they were thirty-one and thirty-three years old, respectively. Their device was a vast improvement over the kinetoscope invented in 1894 by Thomas Edison (1847–1931), whose film could be viewed by only one person at a time.

The new sixteen-frame-per-second mechanism invented by the Lumière brothers became the standard for film for decades to come. On April 20, 1896, the first motion picture showing in the United States took place in New York. The film was shown with Thomas Edison's vitascope, which was an improvement on his kinetoscope.

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