When was the first car invented?

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This is one of those things where the answer is really not as cut and dried as you would think that it ought to be.  I think this is very often the case with inventions.  Inventions often build on one another and therefore you can't say where in the chain of inventions a real "car" was invented.  (Was it Benz's car in the 1880s or was the first real car one that was actually produced in large numbers?)  Or you have a lot of things that could be called (in this case) a "car" and you have to decide which one really was a car.  (Is a steam car a real car?  What about an early electric one?)

I'd suggest following the link I've provided.  It argues that the first car of any sort was a steam car invented in 1769.  However, it also credits Karl Benz with being the first person to build a "true automobile" -- whatever that is.

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The first "car" was created in 1769. It was steamed powered and hauled french artillery at a slow walking pace of 2 1/2 mph.

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