When Veronica says "you can stand... on the stoep" and "loer through the window" to what exactly is she referring to in Valley Song?

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Veronica is describing her dreams to the author in this section.  He tells her they are grand dreams, but warns her about having dreams that are impossible to achieve.

Veronica wants to leave her grandfather’s farm and be a singer.  She imagines herself on TV.  When the author shows up, she is surprised at first, but she tells him her dream, saying “one day it will happen” (p. 20).  She has faith in her dream, because like her mother she sees the farm as nowhere.

What’s the use of a little dream?  A dream must be big and special.  It much be the most special thing you can imagine for yourself in the whole world. (p. 20)

Veronica’s dream gets to the theme of the whole play, dreams and what we do to achieve them.  Veronica’s grandfather’s dream is to stay on the farm, while hers is to leave.  The author acknowledges that Veronica has a right to try to pursue her dream and he understands it, but he also tries to support Buks in his.


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