When Tom gets his paper back, does he finish his work?

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Tom never finishes his work. When he breaks his own window and manages to get back inside his apartment, he decides not to stay there and rest as he has planned. Instead he gets his hat and topcoat and prepares to go to the movie-theater to find his wife. He takes the crumpled yellow sheet out of his pocket and lays it on his desk, weighting it down with only a pencil. But when he opens the door to leave his apartment, the warm air from the hallway rushes in creating a draft. The draft is much stronger now than it had been the first time it caused his precious yellow sheet to be blown out the narrow opening in the window. The difference is that now the whole window pane is gone. He broke it to get inside and had then crawled through to safety after

...picking away the protruding slivers and big wedges of glass from the window frame, tossing them in onto the rug.

Ironically, the draft picks up the yellow sheet again. This time Tom isn't even concerned when he sees his worksheet perversely following the identical route it had taken before. The story ends with these words:

He turned to pull the door closed and the warm air from the hall rushed through the narrow opening again. As he saw the yellow paper, the pencil flying, scooped off the desk and, unimpeded by the glassless window, sail out into the night and out of his life, Tom Benecke burst into laughter and then closed the door behind him.



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