When in time has there been sameness? Does it relate to what is in the book The Giver?It would seem odd if the book had no idea of real-life sameness to work off of.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There has never been a community with actual Sameness, as in the book.  This is only because we don’t have the technology for it.  We haven’t yet developed the capacity to control the weather, and genetically engineer a population.

The strongest example of Sameness is Nazi Germany.  There was strong social control, and choices were made for people.  Also, Hitler was very concerned with creating a “Master Race” and encouraged blond, blue-eyed citizens to reproduce.  He also murdered people who did not fit his idea of what a German should look like, including countless Jews.  Individuals with disabilities were also sterilized or sent to concentration camps.  Anyone who broke the rules was sent to a Concentration Camp or just killed, just as those who break the rules are Released in The Giver.

I often use The Giver as an example of what the world would look like if Hitler had succeeded in creating his Master Race.  There are certainly frightening similarities.  If there had been access to the technology, Hitler certainly would have used it.