When thinking of factors that influence values and attitudes in children, In what ways are values and attitudes embedded in a child’s socialization?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Values and attitudes are embedded in a child's socialization both explicitly and implicitly.

Children are sometimes socialized in explicit ways.  They are given specific lessons about how they are supposed to act.  We tell children that it is important to be nice to other people.  We tell them that they need to learn to be on time and to respect their elders.  When we do this, we are explicitly embedding values and attitudes in their socialization.

But we also socialize children implicitly. Much of their socialization comes from watching what we do and drawing conclusions about what is and is not proper in our society.  When we make choices, for example, about whether to do something for work or do something with our family, we are implicitly sending messages about the relative importance of those two things.  When we talk about the material things we would like to have, we are implicitly sending messages about the importance of material goods.

In these ways, we embed values and attitudes in our children's socialization in ways that are implicit and explicit.