When thinking about Lily's husband Jim, how does his personality complement that of Lily?I am wondering what about Jim's personality help or work with Lily's personality.

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lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The two of them make a perfect couple for so many reasons. The most important aspect of their marriage is the mutual regard they have for one another and the absolute equality they both feel in the relationship. Lily was rightly cautious about men after her disastrous first marriage, but she goes into the marriage with Jim Smith with her eyes wide open and with a mental list of things that she must have in order for her to feel like she has an equal say and this is a partnership. Jim is great for Lily because he respects her ideas and her goals. He is a resourceful, hard working man who is also a patient father and a good business man. He is a creative problem solver and willing to take risks, but not ones that Lily doesn't approve of or that would jeopardize their livelihood. Lily and Jim, working side-by-side make a huge success of the ranch in Arizona and even manage to survive as a ranch when other less resourceful and less lucky ranchers had to give up at the height of the Depression. They are a great couple who work so well together that they manage to create a wonderful life for themselves.

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