When the summer rolls around, what lucrative venture, ironically speaking, do we find Frieda and Claudia engaged in?

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In April, Claudia and Frieda order marigold seed packets. They plan to sell them for five cents each so they can buy a bicycle. The packets don't arrive until "the summer was already thick."

Their mother says they can only sell to people who she knows or to people in the familiar neighborhoods. However, Claudia seems to indicate that they went into other places to sell as well. That summer, the two girls were only focused on selling the seeds. They were so preoccupied to it that she says they only listened with half an ear to things that people said to them.

Traveling to different houses to sell seeds is how they start to understand what's going on with Pecola and her baby. The two girls end up planting their seeds and hoping that Pecola's baby will live because of their actions; however, the marigolds never grow. Toni Morrison

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