When in the story is Jonas sensitive?2 examples please.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jonas is not like the others in his community.  From the beginning, he seems to show a unique sensitivity and understanding of the world around him.  In fact, Jonas is so sensitive that the book opens with an example of his sensitivity.  Other examples include his caring for Gabriel, his empathy for The Giver, and his reaction to the release of the newborn.

As the book opens, Jonas is trying to come up with the right words to describe how he feels.  He is worried about the Ceremony of Twelve, and finally decides that he is apprehensive.  He is worried about what assignment he will get.

Another example of Jonas’s sensitivity is his friendship with Asher.  Jonas looks out for Asher, and although he laughs at him, there is an underlying pain.  Jonas helps him, such as tossing a ball with him to help him develop better coordination.  He is hurt when Asher complains that Jonas is interfering in his war game, because Asher addresses him with obligatory respect.

In his mind, Jonas saw again the face of the boy who had lain dying on a field and had begged him for water. He had a sudden choking feeling, as if it were difficult to breathe. (P. 134)

The Capacity to See Beyond is a special sensitivity. Jonas realizes that he has it during the ceremony.

"I think it's true," he told the Chief Elder and the community.  "I don't understand it yet. I don't know what it is. But sometimes I see something. And maybe it's beyond." (p. 64)

When Jonas begins his training, his sensitivity only increases.  He looks after Gabriel, effectively making him the next Receiver by giving him memories to calm him down. He shows a special interest in The Giver, and is willing to take pain from him.

Once more, toward dawn, the newchild woke and cried out. Again Jonas went to him. This time he quite deliberately placed his hand firmly on Gabriel's back, and released the rest of the calming day on the lake. Again Gabriel slept. (p. 116-117)

When Jonas sees the release of the newborn twin, everything changes.

Jonas felt a ripping sensation inside himself, the feeling of terrible pain clawing its way forward to emerge in a cry. (p. 151)

His sensitivity makes it impossible for him to look past the experience, and he sees the community in a completely different light.  This is why he decides to leave, and take Gabe with him.  He wants to free the community from the prison sentence they don’t know they have.



asliozcan | Student

When he saw struggling animals, war and realease.

dilaraergul | Student

Our protagonist Jonas was sensitive when he saw his friends playing a war game because he knew the meaning of "war" and the other example for Jonas's sensitive personality is when he learned the real meaning of "release", we saw his sensitive character again.

canokcabollu | Student

When Jonas learned the real meaning of "release" he became totally disappointed and I think that it shows his sensitive character.