Where the Lilies Bloom

by Vera Cleaver, Bill Cleaver
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When Roy Luther was alive in Where the Lilies Bloom, what was Thanksgiving like?

When Roy Luther was alive, Thanksgiving was gluttonous and fun.

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As Thanksgiving approaches, Mary Call and her siblings have a lot to worry about. The arrival of Thanksgiving means winter. To prepare for the cold weather, food is stockpiled. Mary Call feels almost “comfortable” with the amount of sugar, tea, cornmeal, beans, flour, and pork on hand. If needed, Ima Dean’s rooster could probably provide a meal. However, when Mary Call realizes that this food will have to last them for around five months, she’s not so sure that there’s enough.

Besides food, Mary Call has to worry about how to keep the animals warm. Romey’s cow becomes a particular problem. Romey insists on letting the cow live inside. He says he’ll make a bed for her out of straw. “Lord help us” is Mary Call’s exasperated reply.

Amidst the anxiety over food and the fuss over animals, Mary Call and her siblings mark Thanksgiving. Their Thanksgiving doesn’t produce a great feast. It consists of squash and beans. “When Roy Luther was alive, we always had more,” says Devola. Mary Call admits that this is the case. “We glutted ourselves on Thanksgiving and went back to starving the day after,” she says.

Before Roy Luther died, Thanksgiving was a joyous, festive occasion. On this day, they could forget about their hardships and pig out. They didn’t have much food when Roy Luther was alive; but, on Thanksgiving, they behaved as if they did. These Thanksgivings were very fun.

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