When the "routine" of Jem's, Scout's, and Dill's summer becomes tiresome, what dare does Dill give in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Towards the end of chapter one, Scout comments on her reclusive, enigmatic neighbor, Boo Radley, and proceeds to elaborate on the fascinating rumors surrounding him. Scout mentions that Dill is completely fascinated with Boo Radley and Jem gives a vivid, fantastical description of him. After the children become bored with their typical summer routine, Dill spices things up by betting Jem The Gray Ghost against two Tom Swifts that he isn't brave enough to knock on Boo Radley's front door. Scout mentions that Jem never walked out on a bet before in his life and debated for three days whether or not to accept Dill's bet. Scout recognizes that Jem is afraid to knock on the Radley door and on the third day, Dill makes a mild concession. He tells Jem that he will not say that he ran out on a dare if he simply runs into the Radley yard and touches the side of the house. Jem accepts the dare and slaps the side of the house before sprinting out of the Radley yard.

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