The Kite Runner Questions and Answers
by Khaled Hosseini

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When Rahim Kahn says that true redemption is when "guilt leads to good," how is this quote true for the characters in The Kite Runner?

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Several characters in the novel experience extreme guilt, which motivates them to seek redemption through personal sacrifice and help others atone for their sins. Baba feels extremely guilty for neglecting his Hazara son, Hassan, and sacrifices his lucrative business and comfortable life in Kabul in order to give Amir a new start at life in America. In America, Baba works long hours in a mechanic shop to provide for his son and give Amir an opportunity to succeed at life.

Amir is another character who experiences extreme guilt and saves someone's life in order to find redemption. Amir is overwhelmed with guilt after he witnesses Hassan being raped by Assef and does not intervene. As an adult, Amir still struggles with his childhood guilt, but he gets a chance at redemption by traveling back to Afghanistan, where he ends up saving Sohrab's life. Amir also illustrates personal sacrifice by adopting Sohrab and bringing him to America. In both examples, each character's guilt leads to positive outcomes that benefit others.

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