What is Daniel's way of escaping despair in The Bronze Bow?

When people's lives seem hopeless, they often find a way to escape their despair, even if it's only temporary. what is Daniel's way of escaping?

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When Daniel reaches the depths of despair, he turns to Jesus as his only means of escape.

Daniel reaches rock-bottom in his life when he realizes that Rosh, whom he had thought would be the savior of the Jews, is only out for himself. He loves Malthace, but understands that, as a man committed to vengeance, he has no right to seek a wife. Daniel does not understand why, but he "want(s) desperately to see Jesus."

He feels in his heart that

"if he could have one word, one sign from Jesus, he might find the strength to go on working."

Daniel does get to talk to Jesus at this critical point in his life, but he is not yet ready to leave his old life behind to follow the Master. Daniel is too consumed by hatred to be able to accept Jesus's message of love for everyone, even his sworn enemies the Romans. Jesus recognizes that Daniel is sincerely a seeker of truth, however, and encourages him in his journey. When Daniel tells Jesus that he has vowed "to fight...to live and to die for God's Victory," Jesus tells him that he is "not far from the kingdom" and blesses him with peace. With infinite understanding, Jesus knows Daniel's heart, and although he is still in error about what the nature of "God's Victory" is, his honest yearning will lead him to the truth. Jesus's blessing and affirmation lifts Daniel out of his despair and enables him to continue in his stumbling quest to live in for the cause of freedom (Chapter 21).

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