When people encounter conflict they are often forced to confront their fears. i need some examples of this happening!

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my mind, I think that conflict can arise from some type of desire to avoid a particular situation.  The rationale for avoidance could very well be fear.  For example, if two people are married and one of them starts to behave in a manner that reflects straying outside the realm of marriage, there could be a fear to open the discussion.  This desire to avoid could be rooted in fear, in that if this discussion is opened, hurt and pain will result.  Yet, avoiding this discussion out of fear could very well be a reason why conflict arises.  As the behavior increases along with the silence, there might come a point where people encounter conflict.  In encountering the behavior, the individual in question must confront their fears and open the dialogue or take action.  There are other situations when individuals have to face their fears in conflict.  Part of this may very well come from the idea that conflict arises because of some type of vested interest being present, whether it is desire or fear.  Conflict becomes conflict because individuals have to confront these personally vested emotions.