When participating in Model United Nations, how does one defend Fiji's (sometimes unpopular) stance on global issues?  I'm representing Fiji, an island dictatorship, and they have been known for various egregious human rights violations. I'm concerned that if I truly defend their country in character (my personal stance differs), then I will come off as Orwellian. 

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This is a difficult situation that you are in, because it is hard to defend a nation that has practices that are not shared by most of the world. Let me give you some points that might help. 

First, you might start off by saying that democracy might not be the best form of government in the world. There are times where democracy is important, but there are also times when dictatorships are important as well. Sometimes a strong leader is needed. You can use examples of different styles of government throughout the world and history. For example, some great ancient societies had tyrannies, such as Syracuse and even Athens at its early stage. 

Second, as for morality or human rights, you can always play the relativism card. In other words, what is deemed right in one society is not right in another. You might want to introduce the Middle East into the picture to complicate matters a bit, as they have a religious state in many countries. 

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