In Bud, not Buddy, when is the next performance of Mr. Calloway's band, The Dusky Devastators at the Bank Atlantic Club?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Your question relates to the schedule of "The Dusky Devastators" as a band and a future engagement, however, I am struggling to find any reference to the Bank Atlantic Club in the novel. Reference is made to a specific performance given by this band which is on the flyer that Bud guards so zealously throughout the tale which says:

"One Night Only in Flint, Michigan, at the Luxurious Fifty Grand on Saturday June 16, 1932. 9 until ?"

This of course is the piece of evidence that leads Bud to conclude that Mr Calloway is in fact his father, as it is a flyer that his mother has treated with respect and cared for. Although other performances are referred to in the novel, no reference is made to the Bank Atlantic Club, soyou might just want to re-check your question and make sure that I haven't made or a mistake or that you haven't misunderstood what you were asking.