In "Tuck Everlasting", when Mr. Tuck takes Winnie rowing, what does he talk about?How does he feel about living forever and how does Winnie think of this?

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Mr. Tuck explains to Winnie about the cycles of life being like a wheel. He talks about everything having a beginning and an end and that life moves naturally, in these cycles. He tells Winnie that the Tucks are stuck. They are not part of this wheel anymore. They are like a rock on the side of the road. He does not think living forever is natural. He feels like it is a mistake. He does not want to live forever. Winnie does not want to die. She wants to be like the Tucks, but Tuck tells her everything must happen in time, the way it was meant and that if others find the spring it will cause so many problems. He really wants Winnie to understand this before she tries to drink from the spring.