When might you recommend that a strong drive for action be appropriate in a sales message?

Expert Answers
hustoncmk eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A strong drive for action could  be incorporated into a sales message if timing is critical. For example, there is a natural disaster and land line communication networks have been wiped out.  It is expected to take several months to repair the damage.  A company selling cell phones could run a national sales message with a deal that for every cell phone bought in the rest of the country over Labor Day weekend, they will donate one cell phone to a family in the disaster area that needs communication for medical or other needs.  If someone buys a cell phone months later, the need for the donated phones will hopefully have been alleviated.  The need for the donated phones is immediate, so potential customers would be more likely to react quickly because they know they are helping others in need.

krishna-agrawala | Student

There is no one approach suitable for all sales message. The sales message must be tailored to suit the product, the customer and the stage in the selling process when the message is delivered. However, in general a selling message with strong drive for action is likely to be seen as too pushy in most of the cases. A message like this may be recommended only when thee is clearly recognized need for urgent action. For example, a hard driving advertisement selling a product for protection against a current pandemic disease can be very effective.

A hard driving sales message may also be justified when the customer has a clearly established need for product, and the sales message is directed at inducing immediate action, offering some additional benefit available for limited period. For example, a salesman may try the hard sell approach for a product for which the company is offering a substantial discount for a short period.