In Goethe's Faust, when Mephistopheles tries to claim Gretchen's soul, what happens?

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Goethe's Faust is a version of the original story of Doctor Faustus first appearing in 1587 in the Faust Chapbook. "Romantic sensibilities and eighteenth-century attitudes toward earthly life and the beyond." Faust is written in two parts. Part I was first published as a fragment in 1775, then in a more complete form in 1808. Part II wasn't written until 1832, when it was then published posthumously.

Goethe updates the legend by adding a prolonged love story, making his devil an ironic and mocking figure, and allowing Faust’s soul to escape damnation.

Included also is the worthiness of man (and woman), and God's forgiving nature.

Faust is a man of substantial accomplishment, but he wants more:

"He longs for a metaphysical truth, a more profound meaning to life"...(and "longing and contentment").

Much like the temptation of Adam and Eve, based on a promise of...

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