When the members stand in magic circle: How does Propspero deal with each four principals in turn? How does each react? Which of the four says least?Act 5

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Prospero creates the magic circle, he deals with Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, and Gonzalo in turn.  Prospero blames Alonso for being blind and irrational to the crimes going on around him.  He says that Alonso allowed Antonio to use Prospero and Miranda for his own political gain.  Prospero goes on to blame both Sebastian and Antonio for consipiring to murder Alonso, and he also blames Antonio for usurping him from his position as the Duke of Milan.  Prospero believes that Gonzalo is the only honorable man in the bunch.  After the circle is lifted, Alonso is repentent, yet Sebastian and Antonio remain quiet; in fact Antonio says nothing while Sebastian claims that Prospero must have the "devil in him."

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