When Maudie's house begins to burn,what other possibility is the Finch family worried about in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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The most important thing about the fire was how Atticus Finch responded. He first woke his family and got them out of the house and far away from the danger. Then, he went to see what he might do to help.

Jem was made aware by Atticus of the possibility of their own house catching fire from the wind blowing embers onto their roof.  Jem carefully watched his father's body language to know when it would be time to move the furniture from their own home.

Atticus' fears were not realized as the fire trucks came in time and began wetting the roof of his and the neighboring homes. The wind's direction did not blow burning embers onto their roof.  But fire duringthe 1930s was a very real danger and threat to homes and neighborhoods as most homes in central Alabama of this period were made of wood with tar or wood shingles on the roof.

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